The Hungerwise Program

Hungerwise is based on extensive clinical experience and the most up to date science about nutrition and weight. The goals of the program are to help people find a healthy, stable relationship with food, weight and movement, and put an end to obsessive thinking about their body. Sounds impossible, right? Not at all!

Hungerwise is a 9 week program. Each week small groups meet to discuss one of the Hungerwise steps in the workbook, troubleshoot, and offer each other support and encouragement. Trained clinical staff leads each group, guiding you through the steps. In addition to weekly group meetings, there is an optional group email list for more in-the-moment support as you make changes.

The Steps:

  • Let go of the diet myths that keep you stuck
  • (there is a lot of information out there about weight, food and exercise; we will help you sort through it all to find your own wisdom about what works for you!)

  • Learn your hunger
  • (your body knows best what it needs, how much and when)

  • Take the judgment out of food
  • (no more “illegal foods” that you end up overeating)

  • Your attuned eater
  • (believe it or not, you actually know how to eat well!)

  • Eat what you love
  • (yes, you really can eat food that satisfies you!)

  • Learn your fullness
  • (this is critical, and requires getting good at listening!)

  • Make YOU a priority
  • (something many of us fail to do, and it can directly impact your eating!)

  • From “exercise” to “movement”
  • (how to make moving your body a source of joy instead of another “have to”)