From recent Hungerwise Participants:

The Hungerwise Program was very eye-opening. It was great to learn, or rather re-learn, a natural style of eating that honored my ability to make ultimately healthy choices.

The entire experience was completely shame-free! What a relief to be able to relax around food, my body, and some new friends – such a lovely contrast to {a traditional diet} model!

…it was a delightful surprise to discover many common experiences and hear tips or insights from everyone around the table. It was all very affirming.

The Hungerwise program is life-sustaining, self-loving, intelligent, and utterly revolutionary; it feels like coming home. It’s a paradigm shift toward a self-acceptance that I have rarely felt before, if ever.

I learned how to rate my hunger and fullness, something I’ve always struggled with. I’ve learned to listen to my body’s cues and desires for specific foods. I’ve found peace with exercise, and now use movement in ways that are enjoyable for me and my body.

One thing I took away from the program that really “clicked” for me was the fact that ” the food will always be there tomorrow.” I don’t have to gobble up that cake in one sitting! I can have a piece or two and the rest will still be there tomorrow! This was a HUGE concept to grasp, but it brings me such relief!

I am now trying to treat my body with the compassion and respect it deserves. I have a long road ahead, but Hungerwise has been a phenomenal part of my journey.

For me, the Hungerwise program and philosophy is a doorway to hope and possibility, a gateway for expanding my personal tool box, and a bright, shining light that is guiding me to a healthier and happier relationship with myself, my body, and food.

The program itself, looking at sensible nutritional guidelines through new eyes, while learning to lovingly care for my own body by tuning into my own innate wisdom. One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given to myself.

Perhaps the most profound change for me is the addition of a practice that includes tuning in and listening to my body, many times throughout each day.

The small-group format helped me feel supported and less alone in my journey. The two trained leaders– our guides, leading us into this unchartered territory—were knowledgeable, kind, helpful, and had the special ability to inject humor at just the right times.

One of the coolest results of being a part of this program? I feel more at home in my body than I ever have!

I’ve been a binge eater since I was a little girl. I used food as a source of comfort to deal with the chaos surrounding me as a young child. I never learned how to hear my body’s cues of hunger and fullness, and as a result, I thought I was always hungry. And so I ate, and continued to eat, until my feelings were stuffed and I was finally, comfortably numb.

What I learned in the Hungerwise program was invaluable. I learned about seeing my body as my home, and am gradually learning to treat my body with the compassion and respect it deserves.

Each day, guided by the principles of Hungerwise, I take another step, even if it’s a small one, in the direction of improving my relationship with myself and food. And for this, I am filled with incredible gratitude.

The facilitators were superb with their genuine care, gentle guidance, and many resources. They did such a great job of creating a supportive space