Our Philosophy

Body shame and a sense of failure never create lasting change, or better health. In fact, we know that dieting leads to a greater sense of body dissatisfaction, regardless of weight lost! Dieting is predicated on the idea that there is something wrong with your body, and that one program or another can help you feel better about it, and therefore about yourself.
So, has this philosophy created a better body image for you so far? We’re guessing the answer is a resounding “no”!

Hungerwise is about something very different. What we have learned is that when people try to change something they think is unacceptable, they are not very motivated to continue. Over time, shame and guilt are not good strategies for taking better care of yourself. In fact, being angry with your body is exactly the thing that allows you to not treat it well!

“Attuned Eating and Movement” (Judith Matz and Amy Pershing, 2015) is a nutrition and health philosophy based on the premise that becoming more aware of the body’s natural hunger and fullness cues, physical reactions to different foods, and the physical need for movement results in greater weight stabilization, a reduction in health effects associated with weight cycling, improved body image and an overall reduction in weight related shame and associated stigma.

A growing body of research is telling us that dieting rarely leads to long term changes (in fact it is the best way to gain weight!). When diets fail, they lead to weeks or months of overeating until the next diet is begun. With Hungerwise, there is nothing to fail. What works is learning to listen to your body’s unique needs and cues. Hungerwise is all about learning these skills, and knowing how to “course correct” when you hit a bump in the road.

Key Concepts:

  • Go from diet “rules” for eating/movement to hearing your own unique needs
  • Shift from “failure” vs. “success” to “course correction” and “invitation”
  • Learn how a focus on your good health makes all the difference in creating lasting change!